Teen gloves first time I went up to her

As people began to arrive, we sprayed ourselves with perfume and added our jewelry. After my aunt pulled up in front of the beauty parlor, I opened the door and slid out as I always have. My protests fell on deaf ears as the hellish contraption was wrapped around me and snapped up in front. With my male equipment tucked away and inoperative, I couldn't respond to the sexy passages in the normal way- instead, I noted with alarm that my nipples hardened and the only gratification came from bouncing my leg and swinging my pump on and off with my toes.



this shit turns me on... kinky..id love to do it to her myself while shes bounded and has nowhere to go.
She is so hot, would lick her asshole, feet, all over, just perfect.
im close to u to so wat u wanna make happen

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